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Monika Paul - Biography

Monika Paul, born in 1954 in Berlin-Lankwitz, worked for many years as a government accredited childcare specialist with children and teenagers with alleged behavioural problems, in order to prepare them for their future lives.

In 1988, Monika Paul changed to a profession in the commercial areas. She began to work and experiment intensively with colours and decorative elements during this time. Her interest in painting grew inexorably. The magic of colours, sensuality in pictorial representation and the rules of painting became the three pillars on which she built her desire to become an "art painter".

In 2001, she received her first easel, canvases, paints, brushes etc. as a gift from her husband. Monika Paul began attending courses at various adult education centres and a variety of art events organized by private institutions. She sought advice from established artists (Cranach-Hof in Luther­stadt Wittenberg) and went through a variety of their workshops and events. This was the beginning of an intensive life-extending hobby art career.

Very soon she received her first painting commissions. At first, she found it strange and almost embarrassing to be paid for her work. Actually, she only wanted to paint for relaxation and pure pleasure.

Monika Paul had found her style, which ranges from "abstract to figurative". Her expression through her choice of colours and her way of composing pictures document this. Her favourite painters included Emil Nolde, Gustav Klimt and Jackson Pollock.

In September 2006 Monika Paul set up her first atelier in Liebermannstraße in Berlin-Weißensee.

Monika Paul took many opportunities to exhibit some of her paintings. She was regularly seen at the "Berliner Pankefest", the "Potsdamer Tul­pen­fest" and the "Potsdamer Schlössernacht". She took advantage of exhibition facilities such as the European art project "ArteDia", as well as in doctors’ surgeries, banks, hotels, etc.


After three years as a true Berliner in Upper Franconia, Monika Paul - family and friends called her MONI - died on 25 February 2021 from her incurable cancer, which had been diagnosed since 1996 and 2007 respectively.

She got her vital energy and unrestricted joy of life from her endless love of colours and from her small family, especially her five (10, 10, 7, 4, 2-year-old) grandchildren. In the last years of her life, the main focus of her artistic work was on Imaginative Body Perception, or IKP, according to Dr. Wolfgang Loesch (1944 - 2018) in Potsdam. In the book on IKP by Dr. Tino Erstling, Monika Paul describes her impressions and experiences with this therapy, from which she created art and therapy images with her non-dominant left hand. Influenced and guided by her life motto:

"Much of what goes on in the body can only be described very inaccurately through language." (Loosely based on the IKP philosophy)